What really counts: Optimized Procurement and Global Sourcing

Cost pressure increases !
Everybody needs savings and cost reduction !
And Global Sourcing is in the front line !
To get low prices in China is not that difficult however, this in itself does not amount to Global Sourcing !

Optimized Procurement and Global Sourcing become more important

Especially when dealing with high-grade products it not at all sufficient to look !

Total cost (Total Cost of Ownership) is decisive !

Very often, quality requirements, reliability in delivery and confidentiality are a must !
  1. How can you reach 20 - 30 % total cost reduction by Global Sourcing verifiably fulfill
    the strategic
    criteria of your company at the same ?
  2. How can you present the amout of cost reduction and the fulfillment of the strategic criteria
    to your Top Management and Controller in a transparent way ?
  3. How can you put your Global Sourcing activities on a firm and professional base and
    obtain the competitive edge in comparison to your competitors ?

We solve this topics for you. And how does it work ? With pragmatic and easy to handle Excel based software tools, that make savings and possibilities for cost reduction transparent. Read more ...

How to do it right ?

Global Sourcing is a strategic orientation and needs professional tools.

We offer tools for:

  • Supplier Profiling
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Freight Cost Calculation
  • Make or Buy Analysis
  • Price Negotiation

Efficient Total Cost Analysis in Global Sourcing