FRECO2010 Freight Cost Calculator

We can assume that - especially in mid size companies - there are a lot of purchase orders with an order weight between 20 kg ... 200 kg and less than 2 cubic meter. So, in the first step it is necessary to select the right forwarder.
There is a general rule for international freight:
  • Very small shipments: Preferably Express mail service like DHL or FedEx
  • Low weight / volume: Preferably Air freight
  • High weight / volume: Preferably Sea freight

These are only rough guidelines. In each individual case, dimensional weight, bulkiness, country from which purchased and the respective freight forwarder must be considered.

Did you obtain quotations from different forwarders ? In most cases their structure may be completely different. How do you make them comparable quickly and make the right choice for the freight type ?

Our Freight Cost Calculator FRECO2010 will help you the decisive step further

  1. It brings structure to the freight way (Pre-carriage, main carriage, on-carriage)
  2. It shows clearly, which forwarder offers advantages for a given freight type
  3. It brings transparency, because it prompts you to request certain, detailed cost entry information from your forwarder
  4. In comment fields you receive important hints about the in-house jargon of logistics people (Volume weight, BAF and CAF, Fuel Surcharge, FCL, LCL)
  5. Per sample diagram above, using symbolic traffic light colors, it shows how a change in order quantity, weight, volume, etc. effects cost
  6. Finally, it makes your decision in the selection of a certain forwarder transparent and comprehensible – and can serve for a presentation to your management as well

Exemplary summary result in FREICO2010

Loading of an MD11 Lufthansa Cargo

Cargo load in MD11 cargo plane
Source: Lufthansa Cargo

Container Freight Station

Container freight station

Container Handling

Container handling