In-house training at your location

In addition and for the optimum application of our software tools, we offer in-house training.

Subjects of the in-house training

Time Price
Professional Start in Global Sourcing 2 days (16 hrs.) on request
(Procurement market research, procurment maps, preparations, strategic supplier evaluation, Total Cost of Ownership Analysis, Obstales in its implementation, including  practical oriented case studies from the industry and useful hints)    
International procurement of electronics in practice 2 days (16 hrs.) on request
(Preparations, strategic price finding, TCO analysis)    
Supplier Profiling including practical examples 1 days (8 hours) on request
(Practical search for international suppliers)    
Enhanced Total Cost of Ownership 1 days (8 hours) on request
(Prerequisites, classsic TCO analysis, freight cost calculation strategic supplier evaluation, visualization, including company specific case studies)    
Make-or-Buy Analysis and its implemantation in practice 1 days (8 hours) on request
(Classic cost anaylsis and strategic supplier evaluation)    
Efficient price negotiation in an international environment 2 days (16 hrs.) on request
(Preparation, implementation and follow-up in combination with practical examples and roll playing)    

On demand, subjects and duration of the trainings can be customized to the company's request.

In-house Training

Inhouse-Training on Site

The seminars can be kept as in-house trainings in the respective company location.

In-house trainings have proved themselves for three reasons:

On your side there will be no cost for travel and no costs for room and board for the employees to train.

Your employees will be only absent for the time of the training and can return to their desks within a few minutes.

You have familiar surroundings and easy access to case studies, copier, cafeteria, etc.