Reasons for Global Sourcing

Top Goals and Further Goals of Global Sourcing

85 % of all companies contacted with questions about global sourcing, mentioned cost saving as their most decisive criteria. Next are the development of local supply chains and local content regulations.

The external creation of value is around 2/3 to 3/4 of the manufacturing costs. Therefore, Global Sourcing can target approximately 20% when applied to machinery, whereas it can target up to 70% in Electronics. 

Source: Evaluations from Global Procurement Services


2/3 of all companies in Western Europe fail in doing Global Sourcing, whereas the remaining 1/3 of all companies are very successful in the implementation of it.


External creation
of value:
Electronics: about 65 %
Machinery: about 70 %
Automotive: about 75 %
Thereof capable
of Global Sourcing:
Electronics: 50 ... 70 %
Machinery: 10 ... 30 %
Automotive: 40 ... 60 %