Sustainable success through proper Global Sourcing

Proper Global Sourcing can bring big savings for the company and create the decisive advantages when compared to the competitors. Our target is to support trade and industrial companies with efficient software tools, especially

  • To find the right suppliers, which beyond the right pricing - also meet the strategic requirements
  • To identify possibilities for savings and cost reductions, make them transparent and implement them
  • To identify possibilities for optimization, i.e. regarding freight charges
  • To train employees in procurement and in closely related functions  in workshops in order to acquaint them with the application of tools and their optimum use.
We provide you with professional software tools to identify savings and to demonstrate them in a transparent and easy to understand way.

Using a MS Excel based Tool with Graphic Analysis !

Therein included is the decades long experience in Global Sourcing as well as the professional utilization of the possibilities that MS Excel offers. More information about the tools is available in the section "Tools and Services". Our tool comprises decades of experience in global sourcing as well as the professional possibilities of MS-Excel.

In addition, we offer:

  • Individual consulting and in-house training regarding the tools and their use
  • Referral of technical competent partners in Asia on site, who are familiar with local conditions and can become active on your behalf as your sourcing scout

Well-planned Approach

We support you with simple but professional tools in your day-to-day business:
  • Well-planned supplier selection
  • Precise identification of potential savings under consideration of strategic requirements
  • Identifying cost optimizing opportunities with a simple freight calculator

Exemplary Detail in TOCO 2010

Examplary extract of the English version of the software tool TOCO2010