Savings and Quality - Sustainable and Transparent

Certainly, you know these headlines: " Incorrect processing of parts from Asia ... "
  " Product recall of drilling machines made in Asia ... "
  " Materials with contaminant in toys from Asia ... "

There is still another solution ! And, very often, Asia is simply not the right choice !

However: Sustainable savings by Global Sourcing are verifiably possible !

  • ensuring the required quality level
  • ensuring the required delivery reliability
  • ensuring strict confidentiality

Global Sourcing Tools provides software tools

Furthermore we offer in-house training using examples from YOUR company; we explain how to use our tools and and how to adapt these to your specific needs.

Do it the right way !

In order to find possible savings and make procurement decisions more transparent, you need:
  • Powerful software tools
  • A well-planned approach
  • Common sense

Using Professional Tools